Here you can learn more about the theory and practice of driving. With online guides, Theory Test sites and Apps it has never been easier to learn.


Highway Code

If you are looking for the Highway Code look no further. The link below will take you to GOV.UK website where you can browse the sections of the Highway Code.

Highway Code

You can buy physical copies of the Highway Code from most good book retailers. You can find digital versions online and on the App Store or Google Play Store. (There may be a charge for  digital copies and apps)

Theory Test Help

There are a number of great websites out there that can get you ready for your theory test. One such site we can recommend is:

Top Tests

Top Tests has everything you need to know about your Theory Test. Videos guides on your Hazard Perception Tests and more.

If you want an on the go option, you can download their free app on either the App Store or Google Play Store.

Book your Theory Test here

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Large Roundabout Navigation 

Below is a very clear and useful video on how to safely navigate large Roundabouts: Credit to Richard Miller Adi 

Limit Point Analysis. 

Below is a very clear and useful video explain limit point analysis: Credit to Steev Stamford